Irish dancer Meaghan Kelsey writes, “A beautiful dress gives the dancer an extra boost of confidence in herself and in her dancing your very unique solo dress sets you apart.”74 Another dancer states of her dance costume, “I want to be seen as a lioness; a powerful competitor of beauty and strength on the hunt.”75 Such expressions.

Cork, p 3.

This makes some of the most elaborate and intricate Irish Dancing Dress Designs on the Irish Dancing circuit, accessable to those who are working to a tight budget, unable to afford a more bespoke, custom-made Irish Dancing Costume.
Sewing an Irish dance costume dress requires a lot of time and patience, and it can be a very expensive endeavor. However, with the cost of competition dresses ranging in the hundreds, sewing your own costume could be worth your while if you have enough experience.
Set out of Northern NJ, Prime Dress Designs specializes in making unique Irish Dance dresses to fit the needs of your Irish Dance School or dancer. At Prime Dress Designs we focus on quality, style, fit, and affordability in school dresses, solo dresses, beginner skirts and men's vests.
Irish dancers with very expensive and elaborate dresses Find this Pin and more on Irish dance dress designs by Debra Morales. Intricate and colourful Irish step dancing costumes I totally want an Irish step dancing dress to wear just for style.
Aspire Irish Dancing Dresses, dress design for beginners in Irish dance. Ideal entry level costumes tailored for Irish dance. Washable, all colours offered.
Phoenix Designs


Updated February Today we’re talking about style within a sphere that I feel passionately about–Irish dance. If you’re interested in reading about Irish dance dress trends through the ages, please read this post first.. Now let’s talk about current trends in Irish dance dresses.

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