Low rise jeans are jeans that fit quite low on the waist. Also called “lowcut jeans” or “hipster jeans”, these are best to be worn by short or average-size men, but we think that generally low rise pants are not that sophisticated. Many short men wear low-rise jeans but still look out of balance.

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Free shipping on men's jeans at Nordstrom. Shop skinny, straight, relaxed and boot cut jeans for men by AG Jeans, Seven and Levi's. Totally free shipping & returns. Skip navigation. Coming soon: The Nordy Club, with even more rewards. Sneak a peek. Designer.
Unlike women's jeans or even little boys ' jeans, sizing men's jeans, or any pants made for men really, is a bit more exact. Rather than whole sizes, men's jeans are presented in two numbers: waist and inseam.
Free shipping on men's jeans at Nordstrom. Shop skinny, straight, relaxed and boot cut jeans for men by AG Jeans, Seven and Levi's. Totally free shipping & returns. Skip navigation. Coming soon: The Nordy Club, with even more rewards. Sneak a peek. Designer.
Men with thin to average body types or slender legs should avoid relaxed fit jeans, as they may appear billowy or sloppy. These men will find that straight leg regular fit jeans are often the most flattering.
Mens Style Guides: Types of Jeans for Men with Different Body Types If you've walked into a mens fashion retailer recently, you've probably felt a little bit overwhelmed when you see all he types of jeans for men.
Mid-rise jeans

Low rise jeans

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They're made with a bit of stretchy spandex in the weave to make them even more form-fitting. Sitting below the waist and narrow through the entirety of the legs, s are skinny indeed. Extremely popular and one of Levi's best-selling pairs of slim-fit jeans, the seems to be the choice of the man of the 21 st century. A bit of elastane in the weave gives them their stretch.

Slim and straight is the motto of the They have a slimmer but aren't skinny. Featuring the infamous boot cut style, the will sit just below your waist and will maintain a regular fit until your thighs, after which they form the boot cut.

The s are comfortable and relaxed. Designed for the modern cowboy, the wider boot-cut leg leaves room for your cowboy boots. No, you will not have to adjust your denims if you find yourself sitting in a small seat, nor will you have to worry about feeling stuffy on a sunny day. The is often pegged as the most relaxed style the brand has ever offered. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. For that you need something north of 21".

The overt move toward pencil thin at the ankle jeans has made it impossible to find any pair of BLACK jeans that are wider than Most are slim-straight or slim-skinny. This means for those who fashion a pair of jeans that actually covers the damn shoe you are pretty much SOL. The longer the shoe, the more ridiculous skinny pants look Finally, I have worn s same The silhouette looks straight from ass to floor.

My BKE Fultons still have trouble looking not straight even with a 20" leg opening What do you think about this pair of jeans?? Its the first time I am purchasing online so I need another opinion.

Man' thank you so much, I haven't had a clue what jeans were what re Levi's for ages! Either the jeans were half way up my stomach like my grandpa's or I can't fit into the legs as I'm a well built guy. I am grateful for some explanation thanks. I prefer the waistband to not be so high and I like a stretch jean for comfort in the thigh area if possible.

The last ones I tried to buy were for the thinner legged guy, I have larger legs and cannot fit the 'skinny jean' style. I would love some assistance please. Many thanks, Dave Sussex, England. Looking for levis for my husband who has a large waist 40 but has no rear end and skinny bird legs.

Can you help me with which Levi's to buy? That's right, the s are really what a simple and great pair of jeans should be and they fit well on men with athletic bodies. I'm glad you found this hub useful, Husky. Being athletic and not caring for bling, I guess I have to go for the classic So, I'm just a regular guy with a simple sense of style.

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This cut has not gone out of vogue for decades and probably never will. At first glance, you'll look like a normal guy with a timeless sense of style. Make sure which style you're getting original or shrink-to-fit.

Also, the new CT are just like the original s but with modernized legs. Because one of the main alterations guys were having done to their old s was having the legs tapered, Levi's did it for us here. Will suit men with all body types.

The is the best friend of a guy who hates spending time deciding what to wear. Being a classic, this cut can be worn in almost all types of occasions and in all seasons. Having a very down-to-earth style quotient, you may want to top these off with a nice shirt or else their first impression may be a bit too down-to-earth.

For men with a small frame. Great for guys who have a rebellious attitude. Suits a youthful, trendy guy who has a daring sense of style. With the , you can have that young, hip, "I don't care" look. Although the will stretch, they are extremely skinny and narrow, one of Levi's slimmest-fitting cuts. These simply won't fit guys with bigger body types. The will look best on slim bodies, but will also complement athletic body types.

A person with an up-to-date style. Suits a man who is really fashion-conscious. Do this for the other thigh as well and take the larger of the two numbers. Like any type of clothing, the sizing for men's jeans will vary greatly from brand to brand and even from type of jean to type of jean.

However, before beginning the search for the perfect pair of men's jeans, having a basic understanding of where a particular measurement falls in terms of popularity is important.

That way men who are significantly smaller or larger than average or who have odd combinations of waist vs. For starters, the following table displays the range of waist sizes common among men:. In addition to waist, however, inseam is also important.

This makes it equally crucial for men to consider their height relative to what is considered "average" among other men. For this reason, men's jeans are generally divided into three subgroups of inseam categories: Their range of inseams is displayed in the table below:. The trick to buying the right pair of jeans is a marriage between a man's relative waist size and his height inseam. Those with "tricky" combinations such as a small waist and a tall inseam or vice versa will have a harder time buying what are known as "off the rack" jeans found in department stores and other major retailers.

They will either have to buy larger pants and have them altered or go to specialty Big and Tall stores and websites that cater to their size s. Another important consideration to make when buying men's jeans is the fit or cut of a particular pair and its rise on the waist. Though the options for men are not as diverse as those found in women's jeans, there are still a range of possibilities that will conform to specific body types better than others.

For cuts, this includes boot cut, relaxed fit, skinny, slim, and straight cuts. Furthermore, a man can choose between three different rises or waist heights. This includes, low-rise, medium-rise, and high-waisted options.

Each of the five most popular cuts for men's jeans has specific characteristics that make them preferable over the others. Ultimately, which cut a particular man chooses will depend on his personal preferences in regards to comfort as well as his body type.

Boot cut jeans probably represent the most versatile of cuts for men. They are known for looking fashionable without going too outrageous.

These jeans have a slim-ish cut which fits closely though not tightly and a slight flare by the leg opening. Boot cut jeans are seen among all the men's body shapes because they tend to balance the body. Relaxed fit jeans are cut loosely starting at the waist all the way to the leg opening. As such, they are an excellent choice for heavier men. Relaxed fit jeans have a roomier shape so they do not accentuate curves and bulges in the same way other cuts do.

By contrast, thinner men should avoid relaxed fit jeans because the loose fitting effect can look a bit sloppy on skinny legs. Any man who wears skinny jeans is taking a fashion risk. However, on the right body type they have the potential to look amazing and fashionable. Because of the natural shape of most men, those who can even attempt to wear skinny jeans are few and far between. This is because skinny jeans sport an ultra-tight fit which has been known to make those with average to heavy body types look even larger.

As such, only those with long, skinny, "twiggy" body shapes should consider the skinny jean look. Men who are looking for a hipster style like that achieved with skinny jeans but who are a bit less twig-like generally lean towards slim fit jeans..

The cut of this jean is tapered similarly to the style of skinny jeans. However, the form-fitting nature is far less extreme. Slim fit jeans are designed to be fashionable with added comfort. Like boot cut jeans, straight leg jeans, also known as "classic cut" jeans, are universally appealing. They offer a discreet cut which is neither excessively loose nor tapered.

Generally, straight leg jeans are seen as a conservative style. They are a good choice for men who want jeans that are simple and classic. Similar to cuts, the rise of the waist on a particular pair of jeans will usually come down to a man's body type and his personal preferences.

The "rise" of a pair of jeans refers to the space between the crotch of the jean and the top of its waist. These variations create a different look as well as a different level of comfort. Not all cuts of jeans are offered in each type of rise; however, so which rise a man can choose will also depend on the variety of options given by any one brand or manufacturer.

The smallest space between the crotch and waist of a pair of jeans is found in the low-rise option. Generally, these jeans sit a few inches below a man's belly button. Wearing low - rise jeans means that the shirt must also be of an appropriate length.

Otherwise, one will risk exposure of the midsection. In addition, low-rise jeans are known to fit tightly around the area of the belly. This may not be very comfortable for men with a more curvy stomach. Those who do not feel comfortable in the more hip-hugging, scoop nature of low-rise jeans may want to opt instead for a medium rise.

These jeans will still provide a trendy look, but be easier on the midsection in terms of comfort. The space between the crotch and waist on medium - rise jeans isn't as small as with low-rise jeans, but it will not extend too far towards the rib cage either.

The final choice, high - waisted jeans , are often the best option for heavier men who sport fuller stomachs. The rise of high-waisted jeans is enough that it will conceal extra pounds that are likely to be exposed when wearing low-rise and medium-rise jeans. After taking the advice of this buying guide and making a thorough evaluation of one's size as well as the ideal type of jeans that a man can use, the next step is to actually purchase a pair of men's jeans.

There are several different ways and places to do this. For starters, department stores, big box retailers, and boutique men's stores all offer the traditional method of going to the store and trying on jeans. However, the accuracy of men's jeans sizing the waist by inseam measurement makes this far less necessary than it is for women's jeans , for example. What's more, many retail stores do not carry "odd" sizes that are meant to fit men who may not be perfectly proportional in terms of inseam versus waist size.

For this reason, looking at alternative places, such as specialty stores, websites, and eBay is often a better way to buy men's jeans.

Which Levi's Fit Me Best?

Click here to view the full infographic – The Best Jeans For Your Body Type. The Perfect Jeans For Athletic Men The athletic man has a slim waist with muscular legs and buttocks. Justify the hard work in the gym by wearing jeans that accentuate your toned body. What Fit To Wear Slim fit, straight leg and boot cut jeans suit athletic men. Types of Jean Fits for Men. Want to find the right denim? All jeans are not created equal! It's smart to invest in a variety of styles and fits that speak to your personal preference. Discover what's trending and learn about the different jean fits for men. Check out Macy’s video below to learn more. Jeans are produced from two basic denim types. Washed denim is the most popular variety and accounts for the vast majority of jeans in production. When denim is created, it is colored with dark shades of dye.